Volunteer: Make A Difference In The Community

If you like working with the youth please volunteer with us! We are interested in recruiting volunteers who have a big heart for helping young students develop themselves and if you are creative, that is a plus! Below are some ways you can volunteer, but not limited to. You can volunteer your:

  • Talents: Participate in a student's film if you can act, sing, dance or do spoken word etc. You can receive a great video to show off your talents for future gigs!

  • Makeup Artist Tips: Allow students to learn your creative techniques on how to enhance peoples beauty on camera!

  • Modeling Experience: Allow students to build their portfolio using you as their subject. You will great pictures in return!

  • Artistry Knowledge: If you have great experience in the film industry or even photography feel free to stop by and give some knowledge to the students during class time. They would appreciate the professional advice!

  • Time: If you just want to help out in anyway possible… we will accept that as well!  

There is a place for everyone to volunteer at Direct Focus Youth, so if you are unsure about where you would fit in we can help you find what you’ll be most passionate about doing!

Apply: Become a Volunteer! Email us for the Volunteer Form and we will contact you!

Questions: Send an email to Getinvovled@directfocusyouth.org