Intern: Gain Hands On Experience

Are you looking for a film production based internship and would like to earn college credit? We can help you with that! In 2017 alone, Georgia-lensed feature films and television productions generated an economic impact of $9.5 billion! If you are interested in learning the foundation of video production, interning with us is one of the best places to start. We will ensure that you benefit from our internship program on a personal and professional level. You will have the opportunity to develop yourself and learn about pre-production, production, post-production, leadership, team building, business interaction, and film/video career exploration. You will also have an opportunity to receive work experience and compensation by producing projects for our parent company Direct Focus Media and AEC Visions. Throughout the internship you can be confident that we will help you attain indispensable knowledge and experiences that will help you throughout your college career and beyond!

How to Apply: Become an Intern! Email us at for the internship application!