In Kind-giving

We welcome all donations that help us serve our mission to develop our students personally, professionally, and creatively.  

What do we need right now?  Here’s a wish list of items that maybe you can help us with:

  • Mac Desktops, laptops, or Ipads

  • Pro Movie Lights

  • HD Cameras

  • Pro Sound Gear

  • DSLR Lenses and Cameras

  • Tripods, steadicams, or mounts of any kind.

  • DVD’s of amazing movies our filmmakers must see!

If you’re the kind of person who has this stuff lying around, donate it to an organization that will put it to use! If you don't have any of the items but still want to help, don't worry! The best thing you can give us just might be your time and skills.  That’s something we always have room for! For more ways to get involved visit our Get Involved page by clicking the tab in the top right.


If you have an item you would like to donate, contact Nija at