About Us

Direct Focus Youth is a non profit organization that teaches students ages 14-24 how to create quality videos through the pre-production, production, and post production process using the latest technology equipment/software. In conjunction with the video production curriculum, DFY also bridges the opportunity gap that many students experience by providing unique opportunities and transferable skills that are essential to obtaining and sustaining a successful future. Students can use this program to gain knowledge/experience within the world of digital media and technology and develop themselves personally and professionally.


We exist to help students from all backgrounds develop their talents and creativity through the phases of video production processes and use of current industry standard technologies to produce quality videos. We believe that pursuing a creative passion is important, but we also strive to improve the professionalism of our students through paid real work experience, connections to internships, media career exposure field trips, networking opportunities/experiences, mock interviews, resume building, and  career/life readiness training.


We envision a program that will give students a platform to enhance their creative skills and pursue their passion for media and media technologies with superiority! We also envision a program that is a support system for students and provides its students with quality education, exposure, and experience to become successful professionals in the media industry, work force, and within society. We believe that by nourishing the young minds of this generation we can influence them to be creative, positive, successful, and courageous leaders in their communities and around the World.